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I was born and being raised in Zimbabwe.I have a close family of 5,two younger brothers and two caring parents.I went to Lilfordia for junior and am currently going to Falcon College I have a very encouraging mom and enthusiastic dad as well as two joyful brothers I have always found a safe spot behind a camera it came naturally to me with my mom guiding me. Put this with a soft spot for the Zimbabwean landscape and you get a passionate young wildlife/landscape photographer. Every picture I take is anothe glimpse at a shy but beautiful side of Zimbabwe. I pray that you find the peace in my photos that I found taking them


I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I come from a large family of five. I went to Borrowdale Junior School and then Eaglesvale High School, and later did a secretarial course at Ilsa College in Harare. I am married and have 3 sons, whom I am very proud of. I have always had a love for Zimbabwe’s and Africa’s wild places which in turn lead me to photography. Each picture I take is a beautiful memory of the wonders that abound whether it be in one of the many National Parks or in my own backyard, I hope that you enjoy the photographs as much as I like taking and sharing them with you. Jayme